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Aerial Video

Drone Aerial Photography & Video has become a standard in a competitive real estate market, and while the demand for high quality real estate marketing grows the  need for greater exposure to your property is also vitally important.  Drone Aerial Photography & Video can give buyers a better view of your property and its surrounding areas and bolster your image as a professional to potential clients.
We’ve invested a substantial amount of time and money in order to comply with the standards for Drone Aerial Photography. So you can rest assured that we will operate our Drones according to the regulations and guidelines of Transport Canada.

Aerial Photos/Video

  • Drone Photography & Video
  • Approved by Transport Canada
  • Add-on or Stand-Alone*
*Add-on to Premium Video-$150
*Add-on to Basic Video-$200

Aerial Images

Drone Aerial Photography can capture the essence of a property like almost nothing else. Videos, slideshows and virtual tours are great but aerial images give the viewer that “wow” feeling.  Its a feeling we always want to leave our clients with.