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Quality Images… It’s What We Focus On!

Since 2006 We’ve Been Focused On The Bigger Picture. With the Proper Exposure, Sharpness, Colour And Angles

We’ll Keep The Eyes Of Your Audience On The Room In The Picture, Not The Picture In The Room!

Focused on Photography

Our mission is to provide high quality images for every job we do. We believe the standard of real estate images is constantly getting higher, and our goal is to always keep pace with that rising bar.

Your comfort and the comfort of your clients is our #1 priority, whether they’re selling their house, just bought, or they’re giving you access to their home for your marketing project.  We will maintain the highest level of professionalism.

We started and built R.E. Photography back in 2006 focused on providing quality images. Images are the first thing potential buyers see, and its the foundation of what we do.

We believe that you start with great images, add multimedia & print, and you have a presentation that you’ll be proud of.